Consolidate your Wedding Tools
& Bring It All Together –

Invitation Card, Digital Invite and Wedding App –
All in One Place.
Just the Way It Should Be!


Your Wedding Social Network

Let the guests share photos of the “little
moments” in your wedding and like,
comment and share those
shared by others!

Digital Invites and RSVPs

Enchant your guests with an innovative
digital invite, collect RSVPs and
organize your guest list –
all in a few clicks!

Send Instant Notifications

Want to share a last minute update or just
shout out and gather the crowd?
Broadcast your messages to
your guests at a single click.

Event Itinerary

Share the event and sub-event schedules,
dress codes and travel notes with
all your guests. They can reach
the venue in a click on map.

Digital Keepsake

The App is yours forever! Cherish your chats,
update your gallery with honeymoon and
anniversary photos and savour your
memories for as long as you want!

Destination Files

Welcome your guests before they get to
their destination. Give details about
Tourist Spots, Shopping places
and all about the City!

How it works!

Setup your Wedding App

Wedding planning is going to keep you busy
enough. Contact us, share the details of
your special day and let us
do all the hard work!

Invite your Guests

Allure your guests with the Digital
Invite and delight them with
a seamless experience!

Unleash the Madness

Streamline all communications in one fell
swoop. Share photos and stories, make
announcements and set the stage
for guest interactions!

Real Testimonials

Find out what about real couple have to say about related.

Jayesh and Zara

“My husband and I would like to thank you all so much for your amazing app! TKT has allowed us to bring our own stamp to our wedding and the new technology was embraced by (nearly) all our guest.”

Saikat and Ankita

"Tkt had the best customer service we have ever had. We loved working with theknottytales.Our favourite part about Theknottytales app is well roundedness of the app itself."

Host Your Wedding Digitally!